Twelve year old Aiko from Fukushima travels to Tokyo on her quest to take revenge of the ones allegedly responsible for her homeland’s ruin.

Started in 2014 as a Sunday project, since October 2015 funded by the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, we are planning to release the first playable levels for testing and to get feedback in Winter 2016.

Leave us your e-mail for updates and maybe even become a tester :D

Christoph Mille

Hailing from Berlin-Schöneberg and having studied in Japan, Mille has worked as an Author, UX Designer, Artist and Producer. Wherever life’s ways carry Mille he goes by his trusty bicyle, nor wind nor snow no sun shall ever stop him.

Super Metroid or Super Mario World. No question!

Thomas Korn

From Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg to the world and back again, Thomas has worked for many years as an artist, illustrator, sculptour and author. He plays in a band (Rock!) and is an avid fisher, hunting Berlin’s stagnant and flowing waters.

His most favourite game ever is probably „Alex Kidd“ on the Master System.

Marius Morhard

Born in Tokyo, childhood in Togo, high school in Washington, biochemistry studies in Berlin… you may say Marius already came around a fair bit. He funded a music label and fought some MMA-Fights, but nowadays he tries to level up in the never ending game which computer engineering is.

Final Fantasy 7 was his first and last love.

Aljoscha Kupsch

The youngest in the team, still in high school, but nevertheless already taking care of Daiichi Dash’s sound design like a boss. When not composing, he likes to ride his pennyboard or bike and to putter around at the family’s forest cottage.

Mario Kart 7 for 3DS. Wether Mushroom or Special Cup - always number one!




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